The Story of Schöfferhofer

May 21, 2022 - May 22, 2022

The Story of Schöfferhofer


The sparkling quality and taste of our legendary wheat beer go back a long way.

This special taste and dedication to quality are an homage to the unique and revolutionary skills of our namesake Peter Schöffer.

As an apprentice to Johannes Gutenberg, Peter Schöffer invented letterpress printing, he quickly grew into a true artist who was always one letter ahead of his time and his renowned master.

He single-handedly evolutionized the art of letterpress printing and played a major role in shaping its diversity. Besides his craft he had a great passion for beer - great beer. And because he was particular and difficult to please, he began breeding great beer right in his own home the Schöfferhof. His attention to taste and his exacting, precise determination brought forth the sparkle and tingle of the Schöfferhofer we pour today. And that's how our Schöfferhofer beer got its name. Prost Peter, to a job well done!